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Create up to 16 Original Posts for your Food Blog
in one Intensive & Inspiring Weekend Workshop

Imagine giving yourself 2 full days to do nothing but focus on creating content for your blog. Imagine a weekend fully dedicated to shooting, writing, editing, posting and scheduling. Imagine being surrounded by professional mentors who can offer hands-on help in the moment you need it. Real life recipe developers, food photographers, Lightroom experts, pro copywriters, SEO, branding and social media experts. 

As food bloggers ourselves, this is everything we've been craving. And it's everything we've designed this weekend to be. 

Join us for a fully comprehensive content creation experience, where you don't just learn, you create, get organized, and finally get caught up with all your blog needs to thrive.

Food photography, video, post writing,
SEO, editing & social media--

ever feel like there's not enough time to do it all?!

To be a successful blogger, you need skills. And there are plenty of conferences that will help you learn the basics you need to get started. You've probably been to one of them. They're great. You go, you sit, you learn, you come home inspired. 

But then you realize...more than skills, you need content. You need posts. You need photos. You need great ideas that will get you a viral or two. Or ten.

And carving out the time & space to get you great content is what THE FOODIE BOOTCAMP is all about.

But hurry! This exclusive experience is
open to just 35 creators.
ClICK HERE TO Claim your spot now


Bring Your Laptop & Camera. We'll handle the rest.

Here's how it works: we've teamed up with incredible sponsors to create 8 DIY recipe stations each day. At each station style your recipe, then visit one of our 10 beautiful natural light tables (or 2 artificial light tables) to photograph your masterpieces. Need help? Talk to one of our professional mentors. They'll be there at each station to answer questions, elevate your art, and help you with the hands-on advice you need.

Then head into The Library where soothing study music, brain-fueling snacks and a whole additional batch of professional mentors await. Work with our Lightroom master to get your photos edited, chat with our in-studio copywriter to perfect your posts, get SEO advice, Pinterest and social media help with our marketing guru's. Everyone will be there to help you with the answers you need, in the moment you need them.

Just need space to think, write and stay focussed? You can do that, too. We've designed this weekend to be "structured nonstructure", so you'll have the support or space you need to create content, feel confident in what to do with it, and know how to use it to take your blog to the next level.

Ultimately, this weekend is yours. You choose what you get out of it. Work at your own pace, and shoot as many recipes as you desire. If you prefer taking your time, perhaps you'll opt to complete 2-4 posts. For the ambitious among us, you'll have the opportunity to shoot up to 8 posts per day--that's up to 16 posts shot in a single weekend!

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Here's What You Can Expect

When you arrive at The Foodie Bootcamp, here's what you'll see...

  • A front wall of west-facing windows lined with 8 natural light Food Photography Stations, dozens of backdrops and props, and professional mentors there to help you as you shoot.
  • Four sponsored DIY food stations set up in the center of the room, filled with a no-cooking-required recipe idea, and all the ingredients, toppings, mix-ins and add-ins you could ever imagine to create your own twist on the overarching concept. There are 4 food stations in the morning, and 4 food stations in the afternoon. The same stations appear on both days, so you will have plenty of time to hit all 8. Or, if you're a super quick shooter, you can create 2 twists on every idea, coming away with up to 16 posts from the weekend workshop.
  • The Coffee Spot. A social area between rooms, where we welcome you to connect, chat, network and get your gab on.
  • The Library. A quiet space full of tables where you can write, edit & create at your own pace. In this room, you will also have access to professional social media, marketing, SEO, Lightroom and copywriting mentors.
  • The Cocktail Patio. A cozy outdoor space, lit with fairy lights, where we'll gather on Thursday evening to connect and cocktail. This space is also available for outdoor working on Friday & Saturday, should the weather allow.

Discover the schedule

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For the Ambitious. The Hard-Working & Driven

We don't call this a bootcamp for nothin'. This weekend is not for the faint of heart. It's not for wimps or whiners.

If, however, you are anxious to push yourself, push your limits, and work late into the night fueled by the best pizza in SLC, then don't miss this incredible experience. You'll be surrounded by like-minded foodies, fully focused on batching gorgeous content all weekend long. In a vibrant, stunning and peaceful space, full of positivity, professionals and a helluva lot of hell yes.



Master the Art of Efficiency. Superboost Your Blog.

In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, there is a nondescript brick building with "Ember" printed across a single window. From the outside, it doesn't look like much. But inside you'll find 3500 square feet of airy space. Floor to ceiling windows, tall ceilings, and eclectic mixture of pure white and rustic brick walls. This is where we shall gather.

The space is stunning. Simple and splendid. Cozy and comfortable, calling to your finest creative instincts with farmhouse tables and vintage chairs. You will love this place. It is waiting to welcome you into 48 hours of wonderfully hard work and intense focus, while surrounded by brilliant mentors and new friends.

Tickets are limited to 35 attendees. Claim your space. This is an event that isn't just designed to make your blog better. It's designed to make you better. 

Our goal as your hosts is to help you: Feel confident in your content. Feel confident in your abilities. And make it easy to create the content you need, with the help you need in this remarkable hands-on 2-day experience.

Here's What You'll Get from this Weekend

- Thursday Shuttle from SLC airport to downtown SLC

- Thursday Evening Cocktail Party

- Friday Content Creation Session (build up to 8 posts for your own blog)

- Saturday Content Creation Session (build up to 8 more posts for your own blog)

-All ingredients provided for up to 16 recipe shoots

-All ingredient shopping done for you! Just show up & shoot!

-No errand running, no distractions! Come, dive in & get 'er done

- Hands-on Food photography, lighting & editing mentorship

-Hands-on Professional Recipe development mentorship

-Hands-on SEO, copywriting & social media mentorship

- Healthy snacks to fuel your work sessions

- Networking with brands & bloggers

No distractions, No Excuses.
The Foodie Bootcamp is the workshop
where you get work done.



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Extra! Extra!

Buy Your Ticket by July 15th & Get a $1500 Brand Video EXPERIENCE-- FOR FREE WITH CODE "BRAND VIDEO"

As full-time foodies, we understand the power of video when it comes to building your brand. So we're adding a limited time offer. Reserve your spot by JULY 15th and you'll get a FREE personalized 30-minute sessions to help you film a 30-60 second branded video for your media kit. 

Settle into our swanky dressing room, meet with a copywriter and make-up artist, then head inside to work with our foodie videographer who will film your masterpiece and send along a final edit shortly after the workshop wraps.

You'll feel like a movie star, and walk away with a better understanding of your brand messaging. Plus! You'll have a gorgeous custom video to include in your media kit. The perfect way to pitch potential sponsors!


October 4-6 @ Ember SLC

THURSDAY Oct 4- Check in & Cocktail Pregame

6pm Warrior Packet Pickup & Registration

6:30pm Meet, Greet & Eat @ Ember | It's going to be a busy weekend. Come get your snackables on & meet your fellow compandres before the bootcamp experience begins.

  • Go to sleep early, we've got a big day tomorrow. Or discover SLC! Hit one of our favorite spots (ideas included in your Warrior Packet)

FRIDAY Oct 5- Intensive Work Day #1

8:30am Warrior Packet Pickup & Registration


  • Breakfast Bowl
  • Parfait
  • Toast
  • Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa

9am Call Time for Group 1

9:30am Call Time for Group 2

10am Call Time for Group 3

10:30-12 Open Call for Food Photography 

{Want to come before your call time? Feel free! You are welcome anytime in the copywriting, SEO & video rooms. The call times are for your food photography & bowl prep)

12-1pm LUNCH BREAK + WORKING LUNCH (enjoy the food you've created, dive into our working snacks or head out into the city & hit some of our favorite spots)


1pm Group 3

1:30pm Group 2

2pm Group 1

  • Loaded Hummus/Guac Dip
  • Cheese Board
  • Lunch Bowl
  • Cocktails

5-6 pm Happy Hour

6pm-1am Night Owl Workathon (optional ) Want to work all night?

11pm Late Night Pizza Party*

SATURDAY Oct 6 - Intensive Work Day #2


  • Breakfast Bowl
  • Yogurt Parfait
  • Toast
  • Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa

9am Call Time for Group 1

9:30am Call Time for Group 2

10am Call Time for Group 3

10:30-12 Open Call for Food Photography 

{Want to come before your call time? Feel free! You are welcome anytime in the copywriting, SEO & video rooms. The call times are for your food photography & bowl prep)



  • Loaded Hummus Dip
  • Guacamole Dip
  • Lunch Bowl
  • Cocktails

1pm Group 3

1:30pm Group 2

2pm Group 1

2:30-5pm Open Call for Food Photography

5-6 pm Goodbye & Giveaways

By the end of the workshop, you'll have 4-16 fully original blog posts ready to go. Work at your own pace, learn from the best & prepare your holiday content like a pro. Sound like the weekend of your dreams?

Sign up now! Open to just 35 attendees so spots are insanely limited. Reserve your spot NOW before they're all gone.

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Professional foodies, real-life friends. Brooke Lark & Lindsay Cotter have built 6-figure careers as food photographers and bloggers. Passionate about creating gorgeous, made-to-go viral content, the only thing they love more than a pretty bowl next to a naturally lit window is helping foodies learn the skills they need to build their own blogs.

When you arrive at the conference, don't forget to ask them about the Parable of the Pineapple. This funny inside joke has become the basis of our brand & we love to share the story.

Learn more about Lindsay at

Learn more about Lark at




This is Matt. Father to three boys and husband to his food-blogging wife, Matt is the family’s designated weeknight cook, not to mention baseball coach. His growing family is his focus, the ongoing story behind his days, and the inspiration for his easy, approachable cooking. In addition to must-try recipes, he’s a great source of kitchen shortcuts, kid-rearing tips, and travel tales.





Meet Naomi. From Baker's Royale. A self-taught baker fighting for kitchen space with my food blogger husband (Matt, Real Food by Dad), while sharing all things sweet (and some savory… okay, and some boozy) with a whisk in one hand and a camera in the other.

What you can expect:

Created in 2010, Bakers Royale is where you’ll find recipes I’ve developed myself, but also those I’ve gotten from friends and family, found around the web, in magazines and cookbooks, or TV—I’m pretty much open to any source or inspiration!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 10.57.45 PM.png

It's Kate Ahl! Everybody's favorite pinner! Kate from Simple Pin Media has built an entire empire learning the in's and outs of social media. With a passion for helping bloggers, content creators and small business owners grow their business using Pinterest, Kate comes to Foodie Bootcamp as the premiere expert in Pinterest marketing, She'll work with you to upgrade your pin game with actionable, simple steps that help business owners move forward successfully instead of feeling overwhelmed.







Say hello to Stacey. Mommy blogger turned full-time copywriter, Stacey knows the power of the written word. She singlehandedly went from grappling with SEO for her homespun site about raising 7 kiddos to spinning tales for a high-end company as their primary author. She comes to the Foodie Bootcamp with insight from both sides of the line, a plenty of relevant experience guaranteed to change the way you write posts, and enough compassion for the daily fight-to-win in the world of content.


This is Rebecca Clyde. A nutritionist & food photographer located in SLC, UT. Creator of a Food Photographer eCourse designed to teach you the essentials for getting up and running as a pro foodie. She joins us at Foodie Bootcamp as our Lightroom Mentor. Never edited in Lightroom before? Get ready, because Rebecca can get you up and rocking, stat.


Say Hi to Ty Kilgore (aka, husband of the divine Kami Kilgore of Everything Food Conference). SEO guru to the stars, Ty knows what it takes to build a blog into a thriving business. He comes to Foodie Bootcamp ready to spill all the secrets, help you optimize every post, and start making more waves with every piece of content you create.


Meet Jackelin Slack. She started in stock photography, and has since made her way into food and lifestyle photography. A talented, well-rounded photographer, with years of experience in everything from natural light shooting to Lightroom, Jackelin has been featured in the Bluprint series 5 Course Photo and currently works as second shooter for Lark & Co.


This is Lindsay Dyer Neilson. Culinary grad and lead recipe developer for Lark & Co. Lindsay isn't just trained in the art and science of cooking, she is also well acquainted with what it takes to make a viral-ready recipe. From chopping to dicing, flavor pairing to recipe writing, Lindsay will be on hand to help you make better, more beautiful recipes. The kind that stand out online.






Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 5.37.33 PM.png

Get to know Jane. Digging up a good story and getting to the heart of it, is Jane’s dream gig. A seasoned storyteller, video content creator, writer, former KSL NBC Studio 5 producer and feature editor, Jane tells stories that connect. She’s on-board to help create custom videos to boost your brand, grow your audience and expand your reach.  Her secret ingredient… tell stories with heart!





What does the ticket price include?

  • Thursday Shuttle from SLC airport to downtown SLC

  • Thursday Evening Cocktail Party

  • Friday Content Creation Session (build up to 8 posts for your own blog)

  • Saturday Content Creation Session (build up to 8 more posts for your own blog)

  • Food photography & editing, recipe development, SEO, copywriting & social media mentorship

  • Healthy snacks to fuel your work sessions

  • Networking with brands & bloggers

  • A 30-second brand video for your own blog (If reserved by 7/15/2018)


I'm traveling into SLC from out of town, what do I need to know? 

Book flights into the Salt Lake City (SLC) International Airport. We will be running shuttles from the airport to the Little America hotel all day on Thursday Oct 4th. 

Plan on Uber or Lyft to get you back to the airport. Trips cost $10-15 from downtown to the airport.

Where should I stay for the conference?

Our conference venue is located right in the heart of downtown, with several nearby hotels who have extending discount rates to our group:





Will there be special diet options at the recipe stations?

As foodies ourselves, we know how important it is that your blog content reflect your own style. Which is why we've worked overtime to create recipe stations which allow you to create the type of content you need.

Each recipe station is DIY, and we've designed the ingredient list for each with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options in mind.

Do I have to mention the sponsors in my posts?

Our sponsors are generously providing the ingredients you'll be using this weekend. And while they would love a mention in your posts, it is not necessary. Of course, featuring brands in your recipes is always good business sense. Companies are more likely to work with a blogger who's work they're familiar with. So we secretly hope you use this opportunity to connect with these brands, and show them how powerful us foodie influencers can be.

Have A Question? 

Send us an email at & we'll get back to you as soon as possible.




  • Lindsay Cotter | Creator of the beloved blog, Lindsay can look at a scene and craft it into food art. Learn alongside her, and you'll almost instantly upgrade your food photography.

  • Brooke Lark | 10-year food photography veteran, Brooke will be attending to several mentor stations, from food photography to brand videography. She doesn't keep secrets, so ask her anything you want to know and tap into her many years of mad experience.

  • Jackelin Slack | She started as a stock photographer, and has since turned to food photography, launching her own freelance career with clients who seek her out for her impeccable style & skilled eye. You'll love her warmth and wide-open willingness to guide you through the sometimes frustrating nuances of food photography. Not to mention, she's guaranteed to help you unlock the


  • Stacey Corvidae | Full-time copywriter, Stacey got her start in the blogging world and has an innate understanding of the way words can connect you with an audience. Mom to 7, she's a high-energy force of positivity, guaranteed to fuel your own passion for writing the kinds of posts that get clicks.


  • Ty Kilgore | SEO rockstar to the best name bloggers, Ty also comes with the added distinction of being married to Everything Food Conference creator, Kami Kilgore. This dynamic duo will be on the spot to guide your posting into the halls of SEO fame.