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Professional foodies, real-life friends. Brooke Lark & Lindsay Cotter have built 6-figure careers as food photographers and bloggers. Passionate about creating gorgeous, made-to-go viral content, the only thing they love more than a pretty bowl next to a naturally lit window is helping foodies learn the skills they need to build their own blogs.

When you arrive at the conference, don't forget to ask them about the Parable of the Pineapple. This funny inside joke has become the basis of our brand & we love to share the story.

Learn more about Lindsay at CotterCrunch.com

Learn more about Lark at BrookeLark.com




This is Matt. Father to three boys and husband to his food-blogging wife, Matt is the family’s designated weeknight cook, not to mention baseball coach. His growing family is his focus, the ongoing story behind his days, and the inspiration for his easy, approachable cooking. In addition to must-try recipes, he’s a great source of kitchen shortcuts, kid-rearing tips, and travel tales.





Meet Naomi. From Baker's Royale. A self-taught baker fighting for kitchen space with my food blogger husband (Matt, Real Food by Dad), while sharing all things sweet (and some savory… okay, and some boozy) with a whisk in one hand and a camera in the other.

What you can expect:

Created in 2010, Bakers Royale is where you’ll find recipes I’ve developed myself, but also those I’ve gotten from friends and family, found around the web, in magazines and cookbooks, or TV—I’m pretty much open to any source or inspiration!

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It's Kate Ahl! Everybody's favorite pinner! Kate from Simple Pin Media has built an entire empire learning the in's and outs of social media. With a passion for helping bloggers, content creators and small business owners grow their business using Pinterest, Kate comes to Foodie Bootcamp as the premiere expert in Pinterest marketing, She'll work with you to upgrade your pin game with actionable, simple steps that help business owners move forward successfully instead of feeling overwhelmed.







Say hello to Stacey. Mommy blogger turned full-time copywriter, Stacey knows the power of the written word. She singlehandedly went from grappling with SEO for her homespun site about raising 7 kiddos to spinning tales for a high-end company as their primary author. She comes to the Foodie Bootcamp with insight from both sides of the line, a plenty of relevant experience guaranteed to change the way you write posts, and enough compassion for the daily fight-to-win in the world of content.


This is Rebecca Clyde. A nutritionist & food photographer located in SLC, UT. Creator of a Food Photographer eCourse designed to teach you the essentials for getting up and running as a pro foodie. She joins us at Foodie Bootcamp as our Lightroom Mentor. Never edited in Lightroom before? Get ready, because Rebecca can get you up and rocking, stat.


Say Hi to Ty Kilgore (aka, husband of the divine Kami Kilgore of Everything Food Conference). SEO guru to the stars, Ty knows what it takes to build a blog into a thriving business. He comes to Foodie Bootcamp ready to spill all the secrets, help you optimize every post, and start making more waves with every piece of content you create.


Meet Jackelin Slack. She started in stock photography, and has since made her way into food and lifestyle photography. A talented, well-rounded photographer, with years of experience in everything from natural light shooting to Lightroom, Jackelin has been featured in the Bluprint series 5 Course Photo and currently works as second shooter for Lark & Co.


This is Lindsay Dyer Neilson. Culinary grad and lead recipe developer for Lark & Co. Lindsay isn't just trained in the art and science of cooking, she is also well acquainted with what it takes to make a viral-ready recipe. From chopping to dicing, flavor pairing to recipe writing, Lindsay will be on hand to help you make better, more beautiful recipes. The kind that stand out online.






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Get to know Jane. Digging up a good story and getting to the heart of it, is Jane’s dream gig. A seasoned storyteller, video content creator, writer, former KSL NBC Studio 5 producer and feature editor, Jane tells stories that connect. She’s on-board to help create custom videos to boost your brand, grow your audience and expand your reach.  Her secret ingredient… tell stories with heart!